Teen Totally Slays With Incredible Replica Of Taylor Swift's Grammys Gown

If you can't be them, dress like them. That's how that saying goes, right?

Well, even if it's not, that motto is working out pretty well for Lotte Lutjes, an 18-year-old from the Netherlands who's recreating Taylor Swift's iconic outfits.

Lotte has sewn together 14 costumes modeled after Tay's famous tour, award show and music video outfits. And it's seriously impressive how similar these handmade clothes are to Taylor's designer gowns.

Kind of makes you wonder why Tay even pays those designers the big bucks.

It all started in February 2014, when Lotte and her friends decided to do a Taylor Swift's Red-themed group costume. Since Lotte couldn't find a good "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" ensemble in the store, she and her grandmother decided to make it themselves.

Since then, Lotte's been taking sewing classes and gotten pretty dang good at it. She's even made YouTube tutorials so that you all can be good at it, too!

She's so good at these recreations in fact, even the real Tay herself was confused.

Taylor Swift reportedly commented on Lotte's Instagram,

Lol I thought that was me.

This Red Tour outfit might have been a weird choice for Tay, but Lotte still nailed the recreation.

And Lotte's "Shake It Off" cheer uniform is indistinguishable from the original.

I feel like Taylor should just hire this teen to be on her costume design team.

Think about it, Tay. You'd probably save a ton of money, and who would know the difference?

Girl's got some serious sewing talent.

Seriously, every outfit is so flawless.

And because Lotte has a disease that makes it difficult to stand for long periods of time, she even has a Taylor-themed, tricked-out wheelchair.

Now that's pretty badass.

Keep on slayin' Lotte, and I'll look for your name on Tay's costume team in a few years!

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