'Teen Wolf' Star Tyler Posey Will Stay On MTV For This New Reason


Teen Wolf fans had to say goodbye to Scott McCall on Sunday night, but actor Tyler Posey isn't going anywhere. MTV's star werewolf wasted no time signing onto another teen horror series with the network right after Teen Wolf wrapped its six-season run this weekend. That's right — MTV viewers aren't even going to have to change their channels to get more Tyler Posey even though Teen Wolf is officially over. The actor just signed on as a regular in the upcoming third season of Scream, MTV's adaptation of the classic slasher franchise, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Yep; Tyler Posey is making the jump from Teen Wolf to Scream, which really just seems to make a lot of sense.

Although Scream and Teen Wolf are both high school-set horror shows on MTV, it sounds like Tyler Posey's character on Scream will be a far cry from Scott McCall. He'll be playing a high school dropout named Shane, a party promoter who deals drugs and is always looking for a way to make some quick cash. Though Shane does share one characteristic with Scott: apparently, Posey's new character is also hiding a big secret.

Tyler Posey's addition is the latest in a bunch of new shake-ups to the Scream series, which is making a drastic shift in its third season by taking a cue from Ryan Murphy and totally reinventing itself into an anthology series. While the first two seasons of Scream focused on a string of murders linked to the creepy past in a town called Lakewood, the new season will tell a whole new story, centering on a high school football star (Power Rangers' RJ Cyler) whose traumatic past returns to haunt him and his friends. Other notable stars added to the upcoming season include Scream Queens alum Keke Palmer and rapper Tyga.

The casting announcement comes at the perfect time for Tyler Posey, who just wrapped his long-running lead role on Teen Wolf a day earlier. After a handful of movie roles as a child star (including Maid in Manhattan and Collateral Damage), Posey toplined his first TV series when Teen Wolf premiered in 2011. After six years as heroic werewolf Scott McCall, Posey turned in his fangs on Sunday night when Teen Wolf aired its series finale, which was also its 100th episode.

Scream is not the only new TV role Tyler Posey has lined up for his post-lupine career: he will also recur on the upcoming season of Jane the Virgin as Jane's returned former flame, Adam. Fans will be seeing Posey woo Jane much sooner than they can expect to see him return to his familiar MTV teen horror stomping ground. The fourth season of Jane the Virgin premieres in just a couple of weeks on Oct. 13, while the third season of Scream isn't slated to drop until sometime in March. The new season of Scream is also getting a very interesting, controlled binge release schedule: it will consist entirely of six episodes that air over a three-night event on MTV.

While this is likely good news for Teen Wolf fans who will get to see their series star in a familiar environment, it's probably the closest they'll get to seeing Scott McCall ever again. Tyler Posey has said that he felt the series finale was the last goodbye to all these characters, and although MTV and showrunner Jeff Davis are reportedly in talks to create some Teen Wolf spinoff series, those will most likely be focused on a whole new cast of characters within the supernatural universe of Beacon Hills. Although we may not see Posey as a werewolf again, it sure looks like MTV is interested in keeping him around.