'Teen Wolf' Finale Will Jump Forward In Time And Show Fans An Older Scott


This Sunday's series finale of Teen Wolf is not only going to wrap up the show's current story, but also show us where the main characters will end up in the future. The Teen Wolf team has shared the first page of their series finale script with Entertainment Weekly, and it reveals that the farewell episode will kick off in the future with an older and wiser Scott McCall (Tyler Posey). Get all the Teen Wolf finale spoilers from the first page of the script right here.

The highly-anticipated finale will begin with a bit of a shock for fans, as we see an older Scott McCall waking up in Los Angeles, not Beacon Hills. Thankfully, he's not exactly a lone wolf in this jump to the future — he's still working with Chris Argent to fight off supernatural evil — but it definitely sounds like a completely new and more secluded mode of operating for Scott. As Scott and Argent jet off, Scott begins to tell his origin story via voice-over, bringing the series full circle to when Scott was first transformed into a werewolf in the pilot. But what what Scott and Argent are up to in L.A. in the future is still a mystery, so you'll have to tune into the big series finale on Sunday to find out what's really going on.

It's also unclear whether the whole series finale will take place in the future or the introduction will just be one of a few flash forward scenes sprinkled throughout the episode. Obviously, fans are still waiting to see Scott and his pack go up against this season's main villain Gerard and his army of hunters, so if this glimpse into the future is just a brief flash forward, that battle will probably be the central part of the finale. But there's also the possibility that the characters will address the battle as having already happened and only show the fallout from it in the future. That's another question we'll have to wait until the finale to see play out.

The time jump finale structure is something that's really ramped up in popularity over the past few years. Perhaps most famously employed in the 2005 series finale for Six Feet Under, in which the episode jumps drastically into the future numerous times to show how each main character eventually dies, the device has picked up steam in the past couple of years. Popular sitcoms like Parks & Recreation and New Girl added a twist to their final seasons by setting them after a notable time jump, and the same goes for dramas like Pretty Little Liars and Scandal. The time jump structure is a great way for fans to get closure on their favorite characters as the show leaves the air, showing them exactly how every character's story turns out in the future. And it seems like the flash forwards could mean good things for Teen Wolf fans as well, providing them a glimpse into how Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Malia, and the rest of the crew end up years in the future.

Although this is clearly the big farewell for Teen Wolf, there's actually still a chance that fans of the supernatural teen drama will be getting back into Beacon Hills soon enough. MTV is currently working with showrunner Jeff Davis to develop some Teen Wolf spinoff series. Although it sounds like the possible new shows will focus on a whole new cast of characters, you never know when the old favorites might pop back in to shake things up and give us an update on what's going on. The series finale of Teen Wolf airs Sunday, Sept. 24 at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.