Charles (Steve Martin) considers a new prime suspect in Only Murders In The Building

The Main Suspect On Only Murders In The Building Is... This Guy?

Or is he yet another red herring?

by Ani Bundel
Barbara Nitke/Hulu

It’s understood that when making a true-crime podcast, having new suspects to focus on every episode is a boon. But Only Murders In The Building seems to find suspects every time it turns around. From Howard the Cat Man to rock superstar Sting, the Arconia is just littered with suspects. So far, every single one of them has turned out to be a dead end, even “Tie-Dye Guy,” who was just Oscar. Except... Only Murders In The Building’s latest suspect, Teddy Dimas, may be the realy deal — that is, if he turns out to be the mysterious Angel.

Warning: Spoilers for Only Murders In The Building Episode 6 follow. At the end of Episode 5, “Twist,” there was a significant, well, twist. Tim Kono wasn’t just some reclusive banker; he was trying to bring down a black market jewelry kingpin who operates under the name of Angel. Mabel’s cousin, Tavo, said Tim was close to getting a specific piece of jewelry he was after.

In Episode 6, Mabel’s mother turned up and attempted to shut down this podcasting nonsense as any overprotective mother would. She sent Charles and Oliver packing and tried to convince her daughter to let the past go. But when the piece of jewelry Tim was after turned out to be the ring Zoe was wearing the night she was murdered — a ring that was not on her body when it hit the pavement 15 stories down — Mabel knew she had to keep going.

Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

But while Mabel was off debating her podcasting future, viral word-of-mouth marketing had accidentally turned Only Murders In the Building into a massive hit. A late-night appearance by Cinda Canning on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, during which she offhandedly mentioned the new project, sent downloads skyrocketing. Even better, she name-dropped the podcast’s sponsor, Dimas’ Chicken Wraps.

Teddy Dimas was beside himself. Finally, one of Oliver’s projects was a hit, and his chain of to-go handheld chicken munchies was benefitting. But when Charles tried to argue they could not continue the podcast without Mabel, Dimas launched into a story of how his grandmother, his Yaya, Evangelia, escaped the Greek and Armenian holocaust. Her sacrifice and hard work led to the family starting this chain of wraps, and Charles and Oliver weren’t about to screw this up.

Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

But as Mabel arrived with her new ring evidence and Tim Kono’s phone, which had been mailed to her by a mystery benefactor, Charles declared they had a new prime suspect — Dimas’ Chicken wasn’t Teddy’s only way of making money. He also dealt jewelry under his Yaya’s nickname: Angel Inc. Could this make him that Angel, the one Tim Kono was after?

And even if he is, does that mean he’s the murdered? It might make a nice closing line of the episode, but chances are Teddy Dimas wasn’t wandering around pushing girls off rooftops for emerald solitaires. More likely, this is yet another link in a long chain that will lead to the final suspect.

But until then, Only Murders In the Building’s prime sponsor is the prime suspect, and if that’s not an awkward AF conflict of interest, I don’t know what is.

Only Murders In the Building continues with new episodes every Tuesday on Hulu.