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Teddi Wright from Season 26 of 'The Bachelor'

Everything To Know About Teddi From Clayton's Bachelor Season

She's a hopeless romantic, for starters.

ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

It’s time for Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, which means it’s also time to get to know the women who’ll be fighting to win his heart this season. It’s no secret Clayton was a controversial pick for Bachelor, and not all of Bachelor Nation is happy about it. During Michelle Young’s “After the Final Rose” episode, Clayton even read some of the mean tweets Bachelor fans wrote about him, so even Clayton himself knows not everyone is into the idea of him as the lead. But no matter how you feel about Clayton as the Bachelor, the women of his season are definitely worth getting to know, such as contestant Teddi Wright.

Teddi appears to be a perfect candidate for The Bachelor, and she could very well be a perfect match for Clayton. When Clayton got eliminated from Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette, he tearfully talked about how much he wants to get married and start a family. Teddi calls herself “a total hopeless romantic who is ready to find her soul's counterpart” in her ABC bio, so it sounds like she’s just as ready for love as Clayton. Here’s everything else you need to know about this 24-year-old Bachelor hopeful.

Teddi Wright’s Real Job

Teddi is a surgical unit nurse who lives in Highland, California. In 2020, she passed the NCLEX, which is the exam that officially makes someone a registered nurse. In 2019, Teddi posted about the close friendships she made in nursing school, writing, “Thankful for the friendships nursing has given me and daily reminders that we don’t need to compete with one another.”

Teddi Wright’s Instagram

Teddi’s love for her friends and family shines through on her Instagram. She’s posted about her best friend’s pregnancy, her sister’s wedding, and a fun beach day with her mom. She also posts photos highlighting her love of her home state of California and some promos for this upcoming season of The Bachelor.

Teddi Wright Facts

Teddi’s Instagram bio includes the quote “let all my life tell of who You are,” which is a lyric from the song “For the One” by worship musicians Brian and Jenn Johnson. Teddi says in her ABC bio that she grew up in a strict Christian household, and based on her Instagram bio, it seems her faith is still really important to her.

Teddy is serious about finding someone who will have real conversations with her, but who will also have fun with a “late-night skinny dip.” She also loves to relax with massages and says she could eat pasta for every meal. Teddi truly seems like a catch, so now it’s just time to see how she connects with Clayton.

Season 26 of The Bachelor premieres Monday, Jan. 3, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.