Taylor Swift Just Granted Elderly Actors Permission To 'Shake It Off'


Taylor Swift did yet another amazing thing, and in this particular case, it was what anyone in her position would do.

The Belvoir St Theatre Company in Sydney, Australia prepared to launch "Seventeen," a play about a bunch of teenage students on the last day of school, this week.

This particular show has one catch, though: Senior citizens portray the teens (I know, so good, right?). At one point in the production, the seniors perform a choreographed number to Swift's hit "Shake It Off" (I know, SO good, right?).

Sadly, the theatre company was unable to get the rights to perform the catchy Swift hit last minute.

So Anne-Louise Sarks, the theatre's director, took to Twitter with #greygrey4taytay to contact the biggest star in the world and see if anything could be done.

First, she sold the plot of the show to Swift.

Then, she laid out the unfortunate snag...

...and asked for help.

Just to be safe, Sarks also tweeted at Australian actor Russell Crowe because he's, like, probably super close with Taylor Swift.

Other Australian celebrities, including Yael Stone from "Orange Is the New Black," hopped on board and lent their support.

Musical comedian Tim Minchin even joined in, too.

Finally, after seven hours -- roughly the length of the last day of school -- Swift responded.

The theatre company posted a video thanking Swift, who is now and shall forever remain the patron saint of Australian theatre.

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