Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Got Super Handsy On Their Date Night

So Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are really doing this whole romantic relationship thing, huh?

It's hard to deny anymore, now with this third occurrence of Hiddleswift PDA.

On Thursday, Taylor and Tom were out for a group dinner in Nashville and were doing all sorts of couple-y stuff like holding hands and even hand kisses. (!!!)

Don't believe me? Too bad, you have to, because there are pictures of it.

Tom definitely got his lips all up on those T Swizzle digits.

Personally, my favorite picture is the one where Taylor is giving her signature "OH MY GOD, I'M SO SHOCKED AT MY OWN EXISTENCE" look. Classic Tay.

Just two days before, Taylor and Tom were walking around hand-in-hand on the way out of Selena Gomez's concert in Nashville's Bridgestone Arena. It seems like these two are really having fun in Nashville.

And then there's all that stuff about how Taylor apparently thinks Tom might be the one — these crazy kids sure are moving fast.

Honestly this will all be so worth it if Taylor Swift will just write a love song for Loki, and they put it in the next "Avengers" movie. Who do I pay to make this happen?

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