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Taylor Sent The Most Supportive Message To Simone After Her Final Olympic Event

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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Taylor Swift and Simone Biles are both superstars in their own right, and while they’re famous for drastically different reasons, they’ve supported each other endlessly. Most recently, Swift narrated a moving video announcing Biles would return to the beam at the Tokyo Olympics after taking some time out to focus on her mental health. Soon after the video was released, she supported Biles yet again on Twitter, penning a lengthy tweet which praised Biles for putting her mental health first. Grab the tissues, because Taylor Swift's tweet to Simone Biles about the 2021 Olympics might make you emotional.

Biles shocked the world when she made the difficult decision to drop out of the Olympic individual all-around competition on July 27. Her decision to prioritize her mental health was lauded by her fellow athletes and fans across the world. Amongst those who praised Biles was Swift, and their camaraderie was the sweetest thing ever.

In an 83-second video posted by NBC, Swift provided a voice-over praising Biles. “Her voice has been as significant as her talents,” Swift said, adding she has “Honesty as beautiful as the perfection that has long been her signature.”

After catching wind of the video, Biles was emotional. “I’m crying. how special. I love you @TaylorSwift13,” she tweeted on Aug. 3.

Swift could relate. She admitted the waterworks were flowing for her as well after watching Biles handle a hard week with grace.

“I cried watching YOU,” she replied. “I feel so lucky to have gotten to watch you all these years, but this week was a lesson in emotional intelligence and resilience. We all learned from you. Thank you.”

Swift wasn’t the only celebrity to speak out in support of Biles after she exited the team final. Dozens of stars posted messages of support on social media including Michelle Obama, Kerry Washington, G-Eazy, Justin Bieber, Aly Reisman, Meghan McCain, Amanda Gorman, and more.

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It’s so sweet to see Tay be so supportive of Biles, and, after all, if anyone knows how to deal with harsh critics, it’s her.