Taylor Swift Finally Reveals What Actually Inspired Her '1989' Album (Video)

During Taylor Swift's gorgeous photo shoot with GQ, Ryan Adams interviewed her about the creative process surrounding 1989.

The pop star told the rocker, who recently covered her album,

For 1989, I would watch John Hughes movies, and I would think, 'OK, pause, freeze frame: What's she thinking in this moment? What's he thinking in this moment?' Because 1989 I wrote when I was single, I didn't have much… intense drama going on. I was, like, living for my friends and I was living in New York, and everything was exciting. So, to access those emotions again, I would kind of put myself into other people's perspectives.

If that quote seems like too long of a read, I created the following summarized version,

For 1989, I would watch movies and think, 'What if this was Harry Styles and me?' Because 1989 I wrote when I missed Harry. I didn't have much intense Harry going Harry. I was Harry for Harry. Harry emotions Harry Harry. Harry Harry Harry.

OK, so she never mentions the One Direction singer's name per se, but all of us Swifties who, once upon a time, were Haylor worshippers know what 1989 is truly about.

After all, Taylor Swift only has one creative process, and that's heartbreak.

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