Taylor Swift, who is selling the Red (Taylor's Version) ring on her website.

You Can Actually Buy This 'Red' Ring Taylor Swift Teased On IG

I'll take two, please!

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Get ready, Swifties, because Taylor Swift’s Red re-release will be here in just a matter of weeks. To celebrate her upcoming record, the star dropped a bunch of new merch inspired by her album, including a replica of the ring she wears on the cover of Red (Taylor’s Version). It was inspired by Cathy Waterman’s signature “LOVE” ring, which the designer and her daughter, Claire Winter Kislinger, customized and gifted the singer with in 2011. Swift wore the piece of jewelry while writing her original Red album, so it clearly still holds a lot of meaning to her, since she included a new version of it on her latest album cover. If you’re thinking about buying it, here’s everything you need to know about Taylor Swift's Red (Taylor's Version) ring.

Red (Taylor's Version), which marks the star’s second re-recorded album, will arrive on Friday, Nov. 12. When Swift first announced the re-release in a lengthy June 18 Instagram, she said it would drop on the 19th. However, on Sept. 30, she revealed she pushed up the release date. “My version of Red will be out a week earlier than scheduled (including the 4 disc vinyl) on November 12th!” she tweeted. “Can’t wait to celebrate the 13th with you and our new/old autumn heartbreak album🧣😍 🎥 🎥.”

Where Can I Buy Swift’s Red (Taylor's Version) Ring?

The ring is available right now on Swift’s official merchandise shop, where fans can also buy a variety of other Red-inspired merch, including a T-shirt, blanket, hoodie, and more.

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How Much Does Swift’s Red (Taylor's Version) Ring Cost?

According to Page Six, Swift’s original LOVE ring is worth $7,390. Thankfully, the replica is way more affordable, costing only $45. According to the product page on Taylor’s site, the adjustable ring is made of nickel free copper alloy, and it’s electroplated in silver and plated with a rhodium finish.

Will Swift’s Red (Taylor's Version) Ring Arrive By Nov. 12?

The ring should ship a week from the date you order it, but Swift’s merch website says there could be unexpected delays during the shipping process, meaning there’s no guarantee it will arrive by Nov. 12. So Swifties, I suggest ordering your ring ASAP — especially because you never know when it could sell out!