Taylor Swift's Monthly Rent For Her New Apartment In NYC Is Actually Absurd

Jesus Christ, Taylor! Have you ever heard of just BUYING?!?!

Either Taylor Swift has zero idea how money and real estate work OR she is living the YOLOiest lifestyle imaginable. Whatever it may be, the amount of money she is spending on rent for her NYC apartment is BANANAZ.

Literally just pick a crazy rent number in your head and multiply it by seven. That's around how much Taylor is spending per month on her temporary five-bedroom, six-bathroom West Village apartment (she's staying there until her actual Tribeca apartment is finished being renovated).

You ready to hear this number? You'd better be sitting down because you will get lightheaded and probably poop yourself.

OK. I warned you.

Taylor spends $40,000 per month. Forty thousand American USA gold-standard legal dollars on JUST HER RENT per month.

Per day, Taylor spends more on rent than I spend every 1.25 months.

Apparently that blank space (baby) is on the check she gave her real estate agent before instructing her to spend the MOST money possible on rent.

This is what $40,000 gets you.

Entirely too much space.

Extravagant AF breakfast nooks.

A bed facing a building full of people who are poorer than you.

Rooms with roughly 10,000 feet ceilings.

A place for your servants to cook you meals with a rug in the middle.

A playroom.

A fucking indoor swimming pool in the apartment.

Cool. This apartment more than makes up for wasting time on Calvin.

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