You'll Never Believe How Much Taylor Swift Is Going To Make This Year

by Eitan Levine
Getty Images

Are you ready to feel terrible about your current financial situation?

Yahoo! Finance via Business Insider reports Taylor Swift will rake in $365 million this year, meaning she will have made $1 million for every day in 2015.

Yeah. Go ahead, try and comprehend that amount of income for a second.

That's a SHOCKING amount of money, like a mind-bogglingly absurd amount of money -- a “Where does the world even have that amount of money? How does she even fit all that money into a bank?” amount of money.

The math behind Swift's financial success is bonkers. From January until now, Taylor made $317.8 million. If she stays on pace, she can hit that million-dollar-a-day mark and then some by the end of the year.

This is how much money she's making: Diddy, Jay Z and Drake -- the top three highest-earning hip-hop artists -- only made $155.5 million combined. That's less than HALF of what Taylor is expected to come away with this year.

She's making so much money, in June, Forbes claimed she and Calvin Harris were the world's highest-earning couple, making around $36 million more than Beyoncé and Jay Z.

AND THAT DOESN'T EVEN COUNT 2015! I don't even want to imagine how far Yoncé and Z are from financially dethroning the new queen.


T-Swizzle has megahit 1989 to thank for her crazy financial success.

The record already sold five million copies -- or “multi-double platinum platinum” if you want to use this term I just made up -- and led to Swift performing over 85 concerts, mostly all sold out, on her tour.

Oh, she also has that small sponsorship with indie soda brand DIET COKE.

Is it weird the first thing I thought when I read how much money she makes was, “Man, I bet she gets guac at Chipotle and doesn't even think twice”?

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