Taylor Swift's Post For Karlie Kloss' Birthday Is Freaking Her Fans Out

by Taylor Ortega

Everyone is guilty of going out on a limb to brag about his or her significant other from time to time, especially early on in a relationship.

I once rudely interrupted a conversation about a friend's triathlon victory to merely mention my boyfriend has a bike.

So naturally, we can all understand Taylor Swift's struggle on Instagram this Tuesday when she attempted to post a pic celebrating the birthday of her supermodel bestie, Karlie Kloss, and ended up posting a picture of her boyfriend, Calvin Harris.

Now, just to be clear, Kloss is still IN the picture; she's standing in the kitchen where the two women have shared so many great times.

Unfortunately, the former Victoria's Secret model was relegated to the background of the photo while Harris, a musician who splits his time between producing dance anthems and wooing Taylor Swift, stands prominently in the foreground.

Fans took notice and wasted zero time responding in the comments section.


Some took to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

Why'd she choose that pic! — not maya (@bakingswifts) August 3, 2015
like. she should've at LEAST had karlie the main focus not just some background little person wtf taylor — JIM & PAM #1 STAN (@anthocheese) August 3, 2015
Karlie Kloss Doesn't Deserve This — a boat (@speaksnowharry) August 3, 2015

Others latched onto the trend for laughs.

Happy birthday giraffe! pic.twitter.com/rcoRnE8qVz — HipsterTSwift (@HipsterTSwift) August 3, 2015
happy birthday hair dryer pic.twitter.com/p6rXcNxucb — macon (@tookapolaroid) August 3, 2015
Taylor be like Happy bday Karlie love u pic.twitter.com/Ok5gq3nRYs — - (@taylahsweft) August 3, 2015

Kloss, however, had nothing but love and gratitude for her BFF and responded with a series of emoji that are rarely, if ever, used from a place of anger.


Weird photo or not, Taylor Swift's kitchen remains a safe space for supermodels and pop sensations to enjoy laughter and baked goods.

BTW, did I mention my boyfriend has a kitchen?

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