Young Fan Achieves Dream And Meets Taylor Swift Before Losing Her Hearing


Prepare yourself for a touching Taylor Swift story, and no, it isn't Swiftmas 2015.

Twin Swifties Jorja and Chloe always hoped to see Tay Tay in concert, but their mission became dire when Jorja discovered she could lose her hearing as early as next year, Mashable reports.

Diagnosed at 12 years old with a condition causing inner-ear hearing loss over an unspecified period of time, Jorja doesn't know for how much longer she'll be able to enjoy her favorite musician's songs.

Chloe established a Facebook page in her sister's honor, and the shares and support began pouring in.

When a friend donated three tickets to the girls, all they needed was the attention of Swift herself.

The day of the show, the Aussie twins sang along to 1989 on the drive to Sydney.

Jorja lived the dream of any human who has ever known heartbreak and let loose at Swift's show.

The girls reportedly brought the star a pair of Ugg boots and marveled at her height.

May we all one day be lucky enough to lay offerings at the (size 8.5?9?) feet of our lord and savior, T Swift.

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