7-Year-Old Boy Who Danced To 'Shake It Off' Finally Met Taylor Swift (Video)

Dylan, that redheaded dancing dynamo with the skills of Fred Astaire and the music taste of Q101.9 (Cincinnati's hit music station), finally got to live out his dream of shaking it off with Taylor Swift. All is right in the world.

Dylan, or Red Headed Persian Entertainer as he's known on Facebook, did everything short of breaking the Internet after his dancing cover of “Shake it Off” went viral, gaining him a boatload of new fans, the respect of Swifties worldwide and an eventual guest spot on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

A meeting with Swift was seemingly the final piece of the puzzle in Dylan's journey to Internet greatness, and because Taylor is half musician/half pseudo-eccentric millionaire who just wants to make cameos in her fans' lives, it was pretty inevitable a meeting would happen.

Dare I say Dylan out-shook Tay in this Instagram video Swift posted?

Here's the original video that gave Dylan his newfound Web fame.

Shout out to #taylorswift #persianbigred #shakeitoff #wontstop Posted by Red Headed Persian Entertainer on Wednesday, August 5, 2015

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