Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Are Literally Adorable In These Vacation Photos

Guys, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are officially the cutest couple in existence.

The two just posted a series of Instagram photos of their relaxing, romantic getaway.

Taylor and Calvin each shared some shots of them on the beach, soaking up the sun and enjoying each other's company. It looks like they finally were able to take a proper vacation together.

The couple recently had their one-year anniversary, so perhaps this trip was part of the celebration.

If you love Tayvin as much as I do, these photos will probably make you fall off your chair with excitement.

Be sure to proceed with caution because some of them are just too cute to handle. THIS IS YOUR WARNING.

OK, just look at this moment. It's so intimate, I feel like I was basically there with them.

Taylor Swift + Adam Wiles = always and forever, xoxo.

Yes, Adam Wiles is Calvin's real name, in case you were wondering.

Damnnnn, Tay. Calvin's one lucky guy.

Damnnnn, Calv. Taylor's one lucky girl.

OMG, listen to Calvin giggling at Taylor when she falls. THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR MY HEART TO TAKE.

Also, love that bathing suit, T. This photo belongs in a museum; it's just perfection.

Enjoy your vacation, you lovebirds!

And bring me back a souvenir. THANKS.