Taylor Swift Is Apparently Trying To Trademark '1989'

Today is Taylor Swift's 26th birthday, and according to The Independent, what she wants most for this big day is a trademark. Actually, a lot of them.

After successfully trademarking several phrases earlier this year, including “this sick beat,” “party like it's 1989,” and “nice to meet you, where you been?,” Tay has decided she's going to trademark more of her lyrics, including, potentially, the year "1989."

Unlike her other trademarks, which prevent the phrases from being used for commercial purposes, the "1989" trademark would prevent people from selling anything with "1989" on it only if it's in the same font as the text used on her famed album cover. All other uses of 1989 would be fair game, in theory.

While the trademarking of lyrics is sort of understandable  —  they are her words, after all  —  trademarking a year seems like a bit of a stretch. I love Tay, but this one might be going a bit too far.

Even so, she'll probably win the trademarking bid. After all, there's nothing T. Swift can't do.

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