Taylor Swift dressed up as a squirrrel for Halloween 2021.

Taylor Swift Dressed As A Squirrel For Halloween And Her IG Caption Was Goals

Fans are going nutty for the look.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Taylor Swift is known for her show-stopping fashion looks, and she really turned heads during the 2021 Halloween season. The singer has frequently sported costumes that are more on the silly side, and this year was no different. Taylor Swift's 2021 squirrel Halloween costume has fans LOL-ing.

Now, Swift is no stranger to animal costumes. In 2019, she dressed up in a bear suit on New Year’s Eve and posted a photo online. "Bye 2020, it's been weird,” she captioned her post at the time. Oh, and back in 2015, she wore a massive snowman costume onstage at one of her concerts while channeling Olaf from Frozen. Yep, while many celebrities are donning their sexiest getups, Swift is out here getting sillier than ever.

So, it didn’t exactly come as a surprise in 2021 when she rocked one of her funniest costumes yet. The “Cardigan” singer took to Instagram with a photo of her head-to-toe squirrel suit and included a caption which paid tribute to Megan Thee Stallion. “Can’t talk right now, I’m doin hot squirrel sh*t,” Swift wrote. You can see her squirrel costume below.

Swifties couldn’t get enough of the hilarious squirrel suit, and they took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

“Taylor as a squirrel is everything,” one fan tweeted.

“Never thought i’d see taylor swift as a squirrel,” another fan wrote.

Some even thought there may be a tie between Swift’s squirrel ensemble and her new album. “There is something about acorn and nuts and squirrels and i know its about red taylors version,” one tweet read.

Many fans also pointed to rumors that Swift seems to be working on a secret project titled “Acorn.” Several days before she debuted her Halloween costume, a film set appeared behind her NYC apartment with a sign that included the nutty project name.

It’s tough to tell what Swift’s got up her sleeve, but her 2021 Halloween costume was definitely one for the books.