Taylor Lautner Steals The Spotlight In New 'Scream Queens' Teaser


It's official: Season two of "Scream Queens" is going to be the season of sexy doctors.

Last month, it was announced that "Twilight" actor Taylor Lautner and "Full House" star John Stamos would be joining the cast of everyone's favorite murder mystery comedy.

I had a hunch that this meant that they were going to fill the classic role of medical expert eye candy. Boy, was I right.

In the new teaser trailer that Taylor Lautner shared late Wednesday night, we see him and John Stamos cheerfully wheeling patients down a hospital hallway... with Taylor looking as charming as ever.

Soon, they are joined by Jamie Lee Curtis (Cathy Munsch), who orders Emma Roberts and the rest of the Chanels to "scrub up."

These new doctors will undoubtedly stir up all kinds of fun and disturbing trouble for the girls. E! News reports there will even be a nude scene involving Stamos and Glen Powell.

Oh, yeah. It's TOTALLY the season of sexy doctor hunks. I'm not complaining.

"Scream Queens" season two returns to Fox on Tuesday, September 20.