Two Incredibly Sexy Actors Are Joining The Cast Of 'Scream Queens'


Hey guys, remember "Scream Queens," that show that took over your life for a week and then you never heard about again?

Yeah, well, it's about to be back real soon.

Season two filming has begun, and Ryan Murphy recruited some new names to join his weird little murder mystery comedy.

The biggest addition is everyone's favorite werewolf: "Twilight's" Taylor Lautner.

On Sunday night, actress Lea Michelle posted a photo on Snapchat of her new cast mate in full doctor costume, probably ready to measure some fangirl heart rates.

@msleamichele + Taylor Lautner = Goals I love your snapchat story! pic.twitter.com/VvrmAbVzT2 — Lea Michele 4ever (@Natii0812) July 17, 2016

Damnnnn, I'd let him do my yearly routine check up any day, am I right, ladies?

In addition to Taylor, John Stamos of "Full House" fame will also be taking on the role of a "Scream Queens" doctor.

So far, this season is doing pretty well on the hunky doctors front.

Star Keke Palmer, AKA Zayday Williams, confirmed the two new additions in an interview with Entertainment Tonight and said she couldn't be more excited to work with them both.

Keke said,

I've known Taylor since we were kids. It was cool to finally be doing a project with him. And Uncle Jessie, of course! I met him at the Kids' Choice Awards this last year and it was really cool to be working with him now.

Let's hope neither of them get murdered!

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