Here Are The 10 Super Bowl LI Commercials You Need To See

by Robert Anthony

We made it...

*Takes a deep breath*

After endless politics coverage and non-stop Trump talk, we've finally made it to a Sunday when only one thing matters: FOOTBALL.

Now, I know the Super Bowl is the grandest stage in sports and everything, but let's face it -- some people just showed up for Lady Gaga.

And the rest of us who aren't Patriots or Falcons fans and aren't Lady Gaga's "monsters?" We came for the commercials.

I mean, who doesn't love multi-million dollar TV spots that make you wonder what really goes on in those major corporation marketing meetings?!

Whether you're a Falcons fan or a Patriots cheater (just kidding), I think we can all agree we've seen some of the best commercials TV has to offer during Super Bowl LI.

Now, which were the best ones, you ask? I've got you covered.

"#UnlimitedMoves with Justin Bieber" from T-Mobile

Justin Bieber's never been so well-behaved and mature.

"Yearbooks" from Honda

Celebrating 20 years of the Honda CR-V, the automaker is also honoring "the people who chase their dreams with reckless abandon."

You just might see a few familiar faces in the bunch!

"Arnold's One Liners" from Mobile Strike

If you've missed Arnold Schwarzenegger saying phrases like, "get to the chopper" and "hasta la vista, baby," this one is for you.

"Romance" from Skittles

What if your entire family had the chance to taste the rainbow at the expense of your obsessed lover?

"Cleaner of your Dreams" from Mr. Clean

This is how your mom really feels about Mr. Clean. Don't tell dad, though...

"Brady Everyday" from Intel

What's a Patriots Super Bowl without a Tom Brady commercial in which he says a total of four whole words?

"#AmericaIsBeautiful" from Coca-Cola

This one's self-explanatory.

"Humpty Fall" from Turbo Tax

This is, you know, in case you've been worrying about what Humpty Dumpty's been up to. Oh, and don't forget to file your taxes!

"Not So Pee Wee Football" from Buick

This advertisement stars Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr. What are a bunch of "big game" commercials if there isn't at least one about actual football?

"Born the Hard Way" from Budweiser

This one takes the cake.

Whoever came up with this timely advertisement for Budweiser deserves a raise and a half. Let's just say supporting President Trump's controversial immigration ban and drinking a Bud don't mix.