Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy on the warpath in 'Succession' Season 3

It's Kendall Vs. Logan In This Succession Season 3 Teaser

The Roys are finally coming back.

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It's almost time for a Roy family reunion. Because of production delays due to the coronavirus pandemic, Succession fans have had to wait quite some time for the dynastic drama's third season to finally air. But now the HBO hit is getting back on track with a premiere slated for the second half of 2021. Here's everything fans should know about Succession Season 3, from the brand-new teaser trailer to info on where the story will go.

In its first two seasons, Succession saw media magnate Logan Roy lord over his children, pitting them against one another for his seat of power. At first, the choice for successor seemed clear, with the business-savvy Kendall being next in line, but a series of betrayals, trauma, and a severe depressive episode had Logan rethinking his decision. There's also the competent but conflicted Shiv, the foolhardy Roman, the oblivious Connor, Shiv's people-pleasing husband Tom, and the family's in-over-his-head Cousin Greg, all of whom are also candidates to take Logan's place.

The first two seasons of the show, which aired in 2018 and 2019, respectively, had the typical one-year break between them, but fans have had to wait a bit longer for Season 3. The coronavirus pandemic prevented the cast and crew from shooting the third season at the beginning of 2020 as planned, upending the schedule. By the time the Roy family returns, they will have been off the air for two years, but the drama promises to be worth the wait.

Succession Season 3 Trailer

After weeks of anticipation, the teaser for Succession Season 3 finally arrived on July 6, 2021. This first footage from the long-awaited season didn’t disappoint. After the conclusion of Season 2 saw eldest son and heir Kendall Roy “go rogue” against his father, using Cousin Greg’s evidence of his misdeeds, the war over who controls the levers of power at Waystar Royco is on, and everyone is out to win.

Succession Season 3 Cast

In Season 3, fans can expect to be reunited with the Roy family and all the other characters they've grown to love (or love to hate) from the first two seasons. But there are also a few new faces joining the cast as well.

On Jan. 14, 2021, HBO revealed three new faces coming aboard: Sanaa Lathan, Linda Emond, and Jihae. Lahan will play well-connected New York lawyer Lisa Arthur and Jihae will play high-profile PR consultant Berry Schneider. One assumes the Roys hire them for the coming lawsuits. Meanwhile, Emond will play a senior White House aide named Michelle-Anne Vanderhoven, which suggests the Roy family’s scandal is going to have repercussions all the way to the top.

Then in February, it was revealed Hope Davis had been cast as Sandy Furness' daughter, Sandi, and that she will be a recurring role in the new season.


But the most significant addition is one of HBO's go-to actors, Alexander Skarsgård. Skarsgård has been in HBO hits such as Big Little Lies, True Blood, and Generation Kill. Now, according to Variety, he'll add Succession to his credits as Lukas Matsson, a "successful, confrontational tech founder and CEO."

Also added to the lineup: Oscar winner Adrien Brody. According to Variety, which confirmed his casting after the actor was spotted on set, he'll be in a guest star role as a mega-rich activist investor named Josh Aaronson.

Succession Season 3 Plot Details

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While the cast and writers have been tight-lipped about what Season 3 has in store, it will almost definitely pick up right after that bombshell cliffhanger at the end of Season 2.

In the most recent finale, Logan forced Kendall to take the fall for the family by owning up the the cruise ships fiasco, but in an unexpected change of heart, Kendall instead sold out his old man, publicly exposing the fact Logan knew about the scandal and actively covered it up. The betrayal was basically a declaration of war, so Season 3 will see Kendall squaring off against his father more intensely than ever.

Succession Season 3 Premiere Date

Season 3 of Succession is expected to premiere on HBO in the fall of 2021.

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