Brian Cox, Kieran Culkin, Sarah Snook, and Zoë Winters in 'Succession' Season 3

The New Succession Promo Has Me Nervous For Roman

This wedding is going to be rough.

by Ani Bundel
Macall B. Polay/HBO

As Logan Roy continues to show signs of aging, the competition for his position as the head of Waystar RoyCo is intensifying. Season 3 has been a head-to-head battle with Shiv and Roman trying to be named the golden-child heir, while Kendall fights to bring down his father from the outside. But Roman’s latest deal, which he believed put him at the head of the race, may not be as solid as it seems. The Succession Season 3, Episode 8 promo reminds viewers Logan isn’t the only skilled game player in the business.

Warning: Spoilers for Succession Season 3, Episode 7 follow. Sometimes, what a show like Succession needs is an opportunity to cut loose and revel in the bizarre and over-the-top excesses of the rich. Kendall Roy’s 40th birthday did precisely that, serving as an essential bottle episode that blew the budget, from a life-sized birthing canal entrance to the threat of a miniature Wu-Tang Clan.

But the real wheeling and dealing wasn’t on the dance floor. (Although gifs of Shiv dancing are bound to rival those of Elaine from Seinfeld.) Instead, Roman went mano-a-mano with the head of GoJo, Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgard). It took some serious frat bro antics on Roman’s part, but he walked out of the party with a handshake deal to acquire the internet startup.

In the episode’s final scene, Roman boasted that he was the only child Logan needed now; the others can be offed at any time. But the deal wasn’t made official, and the promo for next week suggests Roman got a little ahead of himself.

Episode 8 is titled “Chiantishire.” It’s the derisive nickname for the central area of Tuscany, where a collective of wealthy British ex-pats resettled over the decades, whose population recently exploded after Brexit. It’s also apparently where Kendall, Shiv, and Roman’s mother, Lady Caroline Collingwood, will be tying the knot.

The synopsis reads: “After a tense board meeting to discuss the acquisition of Matsson’s GoJo, Roman shares his suspicions about their mother’s new beau with Shiv. As a luxe family wedding gets underway in Italy, Gerri draws a line in the sand with Roman, the Waystar team grows increasingly concerned about Matsson’s rogue tweets, and Shiv and Caroline have a heart-to-heart, of sorts.”

Like birthdays, weddings are always a moment for the Roy family’s fates to change. (Never forget what happened to Kendall at Shiv’s wedding.) This time it looks like it might be Roman’s fortunes that dive, as the GoJo deal is only one of several supports that may go out from under him.

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