Brian Cox as Logan Roy in HBO's 'Succession' Season 3

This New Succession Promo Teases The Most Intense Episode Of The Season

The president would like a word with Logan.

by Ani Bundel
Macall B. Polay/HBO

Succession is Game of Thrones played out in modern-day boardrooms, with third and fourth holiday homes instead of castles and cell phones instead of ravens. In Westeros, it was the small council that met and moved mountains. Here in the present-day United States, it’s shareholders who carry this power. And after weeks of hearing about who or what the shareholders might want, it’s time for them to gather and express their opinions in Succession Season 3, Episode 5, as the promo reveals.

Warning: Spoilers for Succession Season 3, Episode 4 follow. “Lion in the Meadow” showed an attempted truce between the two sides of the ongoing inter-family conflict by bringing Logan and Kendall Roy together at the behest of Josh Aronson. Aronson, a swing vote minority stakeholder, made it clear to both sides of the Roy family that, should they not put this fight to bed, he would consider voting to give control of the company to someone else. His threat wasn’t idle, either. By episode’s end, Kendall and Logan remained at odds, and Josh was seen talking to Stewy, one of half of the pair organizing the hostile takeover bid.

Although the truce was short-lived, the Roy family still has to deal with the upcoming vote and the all-important yearly shareholders meeting where it will take place. The teaser for the Nov. 14 episode suggests it will be a walk out of the meadow and into the lions’ den.

Episode 5 is titled “Retired Janitors of Idaho,” and the synopsis suggests curveballs will abound: “Kendall and the Waystar team find themselves working together at the annual shareholders’ meeting, where Logan’s health takes a turn.”

Episode 4’s truce ended when Kendall realized his father’s honeyed words about him being the best of his children were all a performance for Josh. But Kendall’s response, needling his father as they walked along the beach, masked a real crisis moment. Logan was no longer physically able to handle such exercise. For the first time since Season 1, fans saw the man’s health once again falter. He recovered, but how long until another medical crisis forces the issue of succession once and for all?

Episode 4 also saw Shiv go up against the White House for that little FBI stunt using ATN, just as Logan threatened. Logan Roy has always seen himself as a kingmaker in the world of D.C. leadership, but in the end, POTUS has the power of the judiciary behind him. If he wants ATN to behave, he holds the strings to do it. It doesn’t matter how much leverage Logan Roy thinks he has. No one wants to be told the president is waiting for you on the phone when the DOJ is knocking at your door.

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