Venti For Vecna

We Guessed Stranger Things Characters' Starbucks Orders To Inspire Your Next Coffee Run

Nancy’s order is *chef’s kiss*.

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There may not be a Starbucks in Hawkins, but who’s to say a portal to a 2022 version of the coffee chain won’t suddenly open? Stranger things have happened! If the Stranger Things gang needs a Starbucks pick-me-up after dealing with Vecna, these would def be their go-to orders.

Steve Harrington

Chocolate Cream Cold Brew

We all know Steve has a sweet tooth. If Starcourt Mall had a Starbucks, there’s no doubt he’d be all over a Chocolate Cream Cold Brew on his breaks from eating ice cream (I mean, working) at Scoops Ahoy.

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Dustin Henderson

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew with Vanilla Cold Foam

As with everything else in life, Dustin would definitely look to Steve for guidance on his coffee order. He wouldn’t copy his mentor exactly, though — a sweet vanilla twist on Steve’s go-to order sounds just right for Dustin.

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Nancy Wheeler

Venti Triple Shot Iced Latte with Almond Milk

If anyone in Hawkins needs their caffeine, it’s Nancy. As a hard-working journalist, she’d most definitely be adding as many espresso shots as possible to wake her up. And you just know she’d be an early adopter of the almond milk trend in Hawkins.

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Robin Buckley

Iced Chai Tea Latte

Robin doesn’t need any more energy than she already has, and she knows it. She’s worried enough about blabbering on in front of her crushes, so she’d order a nice chai latte to settle down when the anxiety strikes.

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Jonathan Byers

Tie-Dye Frappuccino

Now that Jonathan’s fully embraced the hippie lifestyle, you just know Argyle introduced him to Starbs’ trippiest drink after a hazy hangout in his van. (It was a limited-time 2019 offering, but you can get similar vibes with the creamy Paradise Drink.)

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Jim Hopper

Regular Black Coffee

Let’s be real — Hopper would never step foot inside a Starbucks. But if the police station’s coffee maker was broken, then he might be forced to order the cheapest, most basic drink, likely a Pike Place. No cream, no sugar. Just brown, bitter bean juice.

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Joyce Byers

Venti Caramel Macchiato with an extra shot

How do you think Joyce got so anxious and jittery? OK, she’s been through plenty of trauma, but she’s also likely downing the sweetest, most caffeinated drinks to get her through all the stress — both physically and emotionally.

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Caramel Waffle Latte

While a Starbucks in the middle of Indiana may not have a drink that perfectly captures her love of waffles, Eleven could probably open a portal to the UK and snag the holiday 2021 Caramel Waffle Latte — and she could settle for a Caramel Macchiato stateside.

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Mike Wheeler

The Roast of the Day

Oh, Mike. He wants to be an adult so badly. He’d think himself mature and adventurous for trying out whatever roast Starbs is featuring, but would probably wind up hating it. Of course, he’d still finish it, and pretend he loved it, just to save face.

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Will Byers

Chocolate Cookie Crumble Frappuccino

Mike may be all about adulting, but Will is perfectly content staying a kid as long as he can. He’d probably avoid anything resembling an actual cup of coffee and just go straight for the drink that best resembles a yummy dessert.

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Max Mayfield

Peach Tranquility Tea

Max needs a drink that’ll help her chill out while she’s listening to Kate Bush. Coffee might just serve to stress her out more, so Max would opt for a calming tea — especially one that matches her red-orange hair.

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Lucas Sinclair

Starbucks BAYA Energy Raspberry Lime

We all know Lucas loves to try the latest carbonated beverage (remember his New Coke obsession?), so he’d be all about the new Starbs energy drink BAYA. No doubt he’d be downing a can right before every basketball game to get pumped.

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Barb Holland

White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino

Can’t forget this Season 1 star! Barb wouldn’t be too adventurous with her order, but she’d want something fun to liven up her day. (Her days are numbered, after all.) Hopefully the Starbucks in the Upside Down makes White Chocolate Mochas.

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Stranger Things 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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