Venti For Vecna
Here's what we think the 'Stranger Things' characters' go-to Starbucks orders would be.

We Guessed Stranger Things Characters' Starbucks Orders To Inspire Your Next Coffee Run

Nancy’s order is *chef’s kiss*.

Netflix/Starbucks/Victoria Warnken/Elite Daily

There may not be a Starbucks in Hawkins, but who’s to say a portal to a 2022 version of the coffee chain won’t suddenly open? Stranger things have happened! If the Stranger Things gang needs a Starbucks pick-me-up after dealing with Vecna, these would def be their go-to orders.

Steve Harrington

Chocolate Cream Cold Brew

We all know Steve has a sweet tooth. If Starcourt Mall had a Starbucks, there’s no doubt he’d be all over a Chocolate Cream Cold Brew on his breaks from eating ice cream (I mean, working) at Scoops Ahoy.

Netflix/Starbucks/Victoria Warnken/Elite Daily