Steven Tyler Just Sent Lenny Kravitz The Best Response To 'Penisgate'

Lenny Kravitz has no f*cks to give -- and I love it.

On Monday, the rocker split his pants while performing an ambitious squat during a show in Stockholm, Sweden, accidentally baring his D for the world (literally, the entire world) to see.

Mere mortals would be justifiably mortified, but not Kravitz. In fact, he’s already cracking jokes about the ordeal.

Yesterday, Kravitz took to Twitter to share a screenshot of a text he’d received from pal Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith) regarding the incident.

The text had been sent just hours after the show as photos of Kravitz's sizeable shlong began to make their rounds on social media.

Kravitz, apparently amused by the Internet's reaction to his pierced package (look closely), simply captioned the text "#penisgate."

The best way to overcome public humiliation is, of course, to own it. And Kravitz is owning it -- perhaps even enjoying it.

Check out the ballsy (see what I did there?) tweet below and find the NSFW footage from the impromptu peep show here.

#penisgate pic.twitter.com/jEafrIXdBh — Lenny Kravitz (@LennyKravitz) August 4, 2015