Stars Are Wearing Blue Ribbons To The 2017 Emmys For The Most Amazing Reason

by Dylan Kickham

Among all the glitz and glamour on the Emmys red carpet this year, there was one must-have accessory that seemed to be a part of almost every celebrity's outfit. A small blue ribbon popped up on many of the TV stars' outfits on Sunday night, which may have made viewers question the significance of the small add-on. Well, wonder no more — here's what those blue ribbons on the Emmys red carpet actually mean.

The ribbons are actually proved by the American Civil Liberties Union, commonly shortened to the ACLU. Celebrities like Riz Ahmed, Elisabeth Moss, and more tacked the small blue ribbon onto their Emmys night outfits to show their support for the nonprofit law union, which works to protects individual rights and liberties protected by the Constitution. In the past year, the ACLU has become an even more powerful union in response to the presidency of Donald Trump. Earlier this year the ACLU sued Trump over his attempt to restrict immigrants from entering America due to an extreme vetting process and won the case. The celebrities wearing ACLU ribbons on Emmys night are also making a political statement that they support the ACLU's efforts to protect Constitutional liberties by standing up to many of the Trump administration's more restrictive measures.

Along with The Night Of star Riz Ahmed and The Handmaid's Tale star Elizabeth Moss (both nominated at the awards show) both sporting the blue ribbon, a number of other celebrities could be seen sartorially supporting the American Civil Liberties Union as well. Kathryn Hahn (I Love DickTransparent), Kumail Nanjiani and wife Emily V. Gordon (Silicon Valley and co-writers of The Big Sick), and Jenifer Lewis (Black-ish), all were spotted wearing the blue ACLU ribbons as well, along with a number of other stars. Check out some of the pics below:

This is far from the first time Hollywood has used the red carpet to make a political statement. These same ACLU blue ribbons were also all over recent red carpets for the Tonys and other major awards shows. The ribbons have come to be a more subtle and silent statement of resistance against the Trump administration. And it was very clear after the awards ceremony actually started, that those who wore those blue ribbons were in very good company.

Host Stephen Colbert and all the other TV stars and winners at the Emmys on Sunday night did not hold back when it came to criticizing Donald Trump and his administration. Colbert kicked things off with a hilarious song, which posited that TV has become so important in the past year as a way to escape the horrors of our current political climate. It included shots at Trump's neo-nazi supporters, allegations of his connections with Putin and Russia, and his stalwart denial of climate change.

After the song, Colbert dug into Trump more, bringing light to the president's bizarre obsession with the Emmy awards broadcast in the past, all stemming from how he never won the award for his reality competition show, The Apprentice. Colbert brought up a past tweet in which Trump criticized former host Seth Meyers' elocution at the Emmys, and then a video clip of Trump defensively asserting he should have won an Emmy during the recent presidential debates with Hilary Clinton.

And presenters and winners at the Emmys also used their time on the stage to come for Trump. Alec Baldwin poked fun at Trump never getting his Emmy when he won for portraying the president on Saturday Night Live, and Lily Tomlin similarly blasted Trump alongside the reunited cast of 9 to 5 while presenting.