This Is What Color Lightsaber You Would Have, Based On Your Personality

20th Century Fox

As all the nerds already know, today is May 4, aka "Star Wars" Day.

Why is today "Star Wars" Day, you ask? It's because "May the fourth" sounds like someone saying "may the Force" with a lisp, that's why! May the fourth be with you! Get it?!

So in honor of "Star Wars" Day, I think it's time we all found out what color lightsaber we would wield.

I know you're all Jedis at heart, even if the Force within you hasn't awakened quite yet. (See what I did there?) The color of a Jedi's lightsaber, the elegant weapon all Jedis use, says a lot about who that Jedi is as a person and how he or she interacts with the Force.

Now, just in case any SUPER DUPER nerds are taking this quiz, I'd just like to say, yes, I know there are INFINITE lightsaber colors and crystals in the extended "Star Wars" universe. But, ain't nobody got that kind of time. So for the purposes of this quiz, we're talking strictly movie canon here.

So, are you blue like Obi-Wan Kenobi or green like Yoda? Wait, what am I asking you for? Just take the quiz already!