10 Scary Halloween Flicks You've Probably Never Seen Before

by Trisha Miller
HanWay Films

Looking for some new movies to scare you out of your wits?

We have your Halloween spookfest covered.

Everything from ghostly entities to terrifying tales of deceit and murder will surely quench your blood thirst for fright. These movies aren't about your typical mainstream prank caller.

Get ready for some real terror you'll never forget.

1. "You're Next"

This film is not at all what you will expect.

From the looks of it, this movie tells the tale of a family who is invaded by some psychotic killers for no apparent reason, but don't be fooled.

This movie has a lot more going for it. There is an underlying conspiracy going on right inside the house.

No one is who they say they are and everyone's motives are unknown. It's every person for themselves as they try to figure out who can be trusted.

For you if: You like adrenaline-filled bloody slasher films.


2. "Trick 'r Treat"

I've never seen a movie quite like this.

"Trick 'r Treat" tells a haunting tale of a — get ready -- pumpkin ghost who is terrifyingly influencing the nights of several strangers.

This may come across as a little hokey, but actually it is quite enveloping and extreme.

Each of these tales intertwines in one way or another, but exactly how? Will they survive?

You'll have to guess that for yourself.

For you if: You like lots of fake gore and plentiful mystical lore.


3. "Splinter"

The movie begins with a jarring kidnapping of the main characters.

The criminal takes the two to a gas station where the horror really begins.

The couple is locked in this place as they watch menacing acts unfold and there's nothing they can do.

People have been infected by some kind of black "splinter."

Once it touches you there is no going back. It's deadly, it's fast and there's nowhere to hide.

For you if: You like disgusting sci-fi-esque thrillers.


4. "Audition"

A film producer who is looking for a wife decides to hold a fake audition to get to know some ladies.

Boy, was that ever the wrong thing to do.

He sets his sights on what seems to be a polite and beautiful young woman who, after catching his gaze, proceeds to mess with his mind for quite a long time.

She strings him along for a while before the real fun begins. She has a very dark secret that she's kept hidden away.

This movie is definitely not for the faint of heart.

For you if: You like psychological gore-filled movies.


5. "The Strangers"

In the woods lies a cozy home occupied for the weekend by a couple.

They arrive after enjoying their friend's wedding.

It becomes apparent that there is some tension between the two characters because of a failed marriage proposal. A weekend that was meant to be a romantic getaway has become their worst nightmare after a woman knocks on their door.

It's clear that some deranged neighbors are intent on terrorizing these people.

Do you know where they are? After you watch this you'll want to make sure all the doors and windows are locked. You never know who could be watching.

For you if: You like suspenseful and shocking horror.


6. "The Babadook"

Shortly after mother and son move into a new home, they stumble across what seems like a harmless children's tale.

Both are haunted by images and sounds of someone creeping around their home after reading the book.

They become obsessed with the fact that someone may be stalking them and could perhaps cause them harm. Is it in their minds? Is it the monster they should be afraid of or their own thoughts?

Just like the story says, there is no way to get rid of the Babadook.

For you if: You like unforgettable paranormal stories.


7. "The Taking of Deborah Logan"

A daughter lets a group of college grads film her mother as their final project. They plan to capture an old woman suffering from Alzheimer's disease in order to expose what it is really like losing your mind.

It's clear the daughter is distraught taking care of her mother's outrageous episodes day by day, but these episodes quickly turn violent in nature.

The group soon realizes they might be dealing with something more sinister than what they originally thought.

For you if: You like frightening tales of possession.


8. "I Saw the Devil"

While driving through the snow by herself, a woman's car breaks down.

She is approached on the side of the road by an unassuming man who wants to help her. Instead, he captures her and brutally murders her.

Her fiancé finds out about her untimely death, and uses his connections to hunt down the man who killed her.

He won't stop until the man has felt every ounce of pain his beloved felt when she was executed. Who is the monster in the end? The man who first killed, or a loved one's unfaltering need to seek revenge?

For you if: You like unrelenting action and carnage.


9. "Moon"

One man's story of isolation slowly turns sour after discovering he's not alone on that big rock in the sky. The first shocker being that the man he rescued looks like a mirror image of himself.

It's not a traditional horror story, but all the same, this sci-fi film will have chills running down your spine as a man starts to doubt everything he has ever known.

With just two weeks to go before he is discharged and allowed to return home to his wife and child, were they ever really planning to let him leave?

For you if: You like eerie, paranoia inducing fear.


10. "Deathgasm"

Well done satire horror is truly hard to find.

A movie like this hasn't existed since "Shaun of the Dead."

When a band of heavy metal high schoolers stumbles across a music sheet that will summon demons and corrupt the living, they must work together to fight off the hoard of the undead that has taken over their city.

Epic battles ensue as they hack, slash and chop their way to the demon responsible for this mayhem. This movie is totally brutal.


If this list wasn't quite enough to shock you, try some classic movies adapted from the best horror novels out there, including "Dracula," "The Invisible Man," "Call of Cthulhu" and "The Cask of Amontillado."

We dare you to sleep through the night after watching any of these hair-raising flicks.