Guy Does Epic Cover Of Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' In 20 Different Song Styles

Getty Images

Holy sh*t. You have to listen to this mashup.

Anthony Vincent is the voice behind the Ten Second Songs YouTube channel, and he put together an insane cover of Justin Bieber's "Sorry."

He sings the song in 20 different styles, and it's honestly incredible. This man deserves some sort of award. Maybe a Grammy? I'm not even kidding.

He channels everyone from Nickelback and Hanson to Ricky Martin, KISS, U2 and Kanye West. PICTURE KANYE WEST SINGING "SORRY." It's brilliant, just brilliant.

He even ends the cover mimicking the voice of JB's ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez... WHOM THIS SONG IS MOST DEFINITELY ABOUT. Yeah, talk about the symbolism in that one.

This guy also covered Adele's "Hello" in 25 different song styles. He really knows how to get the people going.

Be sure to check out his cover of "Sorry" in the clip above if you want your world rocked upside down.