Sophie Turner celebrated her 26th bday with a massive cake that she posted on Instagram.

Sophie Turner Celebrated Her 26th Bday With A Massive British-Themed Cake

I wonder if there were leftovers.

Amy Sussman/WireImage/Getty Images

Birthdays bring out the best in people's creativity. When Sophie Turner celebrated her 26th birthday, she made sure to do so with a massive cake. The actress, whose birthday was on Feb. 21, posed with a five-tier bday cake in an IG Story a day later, and her cake had a total wow factor.

Though the photo didn’t state where Turner celebrated her dinner, she thanked and tagged restaurant owner David Grutman in the photo. “@DavidGrutman you are (an) angel,” she wrote.

The five-tier cake paid homage to Turner's United Kingdom roots with each layer offering a different piece of British imagery. The base of the cake was a large square sheet laced with tiny Union Jack flags. The layer above it featured the London skyline, including notable structures like the London Eye, Big Ben, and the Westminister Bridge.

The third-tier was simply chic. It appeared to be a gold glittering frosting behind a piece of decorative font that spelled her name, ‘Sophie.’ This layer was topped with a smaller tier housing a collage of Union Jack flags and postages.

Finally, the cake’s top tier simply displayed a Buckingham Palace foot guard placed in the center of a white background with gold trim at the bottom. Of course, the cake topper was none other than a large royal crown, evoking represent the British monarchy. Or, in a fit of wishful thinking, her years as a Queen in the North on Game of Thrones

Sophie Turner/Instagram

Turner also received a loving birthday message from Joe Jonas, her husband. Jonas posted an IG Story showing Turner relaxing on the bed and sporting some cool sunglasses, per E!.

It’s similar to the sweet moment he shared for Turner’s birthday last year. In 2021, he featured two photos of Turner on his Instagram grid: one of her dressed up and one relaxing. “Happy Birthday babe,” he wrote in the cation. “You have two moods and I love them both equally 💜 love you @sophiet.”

This is just the latest from the famous couple who routinely shows affection and humor for each other online. They even recently spoofed the Kardashians on TikTok, again.

Now, back to the birthday cake. Who do you think went home with leftovers?