Siri Has The Best Answers To All Your Questions About Jon Snow

*Spoilers ahead*

For the past 10 months, the world has known as much about Jon Snow's fate as, well, Jon Snow: NOTHING, WE ALL KNOW NOTHING, AND IT'S TEARING US ALL APART.

But, in 13 long, grueling days, we all will (hopefully) know if Jon Snow is dead or alive when "Game of Thrones" season six premieres on HBO.

Personally, I think he's dead. Super dead. Really, truly dead. But, I'm confident he'll be back. He'll be super back. Really, truly back at some point during the sixth season.

As most people know, whether they watch the show or not, "Game of Thrones" has quite an impressive fandom. Civilians and celebrities alike can't get enough of the show, and they all are anxiously awaiting Jon Snow's status.

Kerry Washington, star of "Scandal," decided to see if Siri, the self-proclaimed fountain of knowledge, knows anything about what's going down in the Seven Kingdoms.

Touché, Siri, touché.

This is technology at its finest because, one, someone genuinely, seriously programmed Siri to recognize this phrase, and two, Siri clearly has human qualities and feels as awful for Ghost, Jon Snow's wolf, as the rest of us do.

I decided to see if Siri was a one-trick pony or if she had more insight into the whereabouts of our curly-haired, man-candy watcher on the Wall.

Stephanie Ironson

I am blown away. This is really impressive, Siri. Great line. Let's try one more time, shall we?

Stephanie Ironson

UH-UH, NOT TODAY! NOT UP IN HERE. But also... maybe up in here? Maybe today? We'll just have to wait approximately 300 hours to find out.

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