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10 Shows Like The Wilds To Watch When You Need More Drama

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There’s not much more dramatic than being a teenage girl, and that’s never more clear than when you watch The Wilds. The Prime Video series, now in its second season, tells the story of a group of teenage girls who get stranded on an island after their plane crashes on the way to a retreat. With all the drama of normal teenage highs and lows, along with the intensity of a survival adventure, the show is full of all kinds of tension. But with only two seasons of the show out right now, it’s easy to speed through all the episodes. So, if you need another watch after you’re caught up with The Wilds, here’s a list of shows filled with (almost) as much angst.

There’s much more to the story of The Wilds than just the plane crash and the girls’ subsequent fight to survive. The Wilds also delves into flashbacks to their lives before the crash and the larger mystery of what’s actually going on with the island. There’s a whole lot to unpack on The Wilds, just like there’s a whole lot to the other shows on this list — including twisty mysteries and suspenseful fights between friends. Read on for the 10 shows to watch after The Wilds that will definitely bring the drama.

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A plane full of teen girls crashes in the wilderness and they have to figure out how to survive together. At first glance, this show sounds pretty similar to The Wilds. But with a 1990s setting and flash-forwards to the surviving teen girls as adults, Yellowjackets has its own unique flavor. Plus, it’s filled with some pretty creepy horror elements.


Cruel Summer

Another show with a 1990s setting and time jumps, Cruel Summer digs into a super-juicy mystery. This is an anthology series, so the first season wraps up with a satisfying ending, and the upcoming Season 2 will tell a whole new story.


Squid Game


Fans of The Wilds know the island is actually revealed to be a larger experiment with a major force pulling the strings. If you like that vibe, then you’ll love Squid Game, in which a strange, unseen figure decides to pit hundreds of people against each other with their lives at stake.


Spinning Out

If the intensity of being a teenager (and all the feelings that go with it) is what draws you into The Wilds, then you’ll want to watch this series, which explores a teen figure skater’s trauma.


Dare Me

The Wilds ends up pitting girls against each other, and a very similar dynamic occurs with the cheerleading squad on Dare Me.


Outer Banks

Outer Banks tells the story of a group of teens who deal with lots of relationship and family drama... all while going on an adventure to find buried treasure.


The 100

The CW

This pick tells a similar survival story to The Wilds, but drama is ramped up a bit thanks to its post-apocalyptic setting. On The 100, a group of juvenile delinquents tries to form their own society in the wasteland of Earth after a nuclear fallout.


The Society

This is another pick that combines elements of traditional teen drama with a survival story. On this show, the adults suddenly disappear from a town and the kids are left to their own devices.


One Of Us Is Lying

Filled with mystery and intrigue, One Us Is Lying delves into the secrets of a group of high school students stuck in detention together.



How could you have a list of shows like The Wilds without including Lost? It’s the original plane crash drama, filled with more mysterious twists and turns than one island can hold.

Seasons 1 and 2 of The Wilds are streaming on Prime Video now.