Shay Mitchell And Ashley Benson Totally Fail At Guessing Their Own 'PLL' Lines

Shay Mitchell steamed it the F up in Nick Jonas' “Under You” music video.

She wore heavy jewelry on her delicate wrists.

She got her clothes all wet in the sexy shower.

She even stayed silent about Nicky J's two butt cracks when the rest of us would have been like, “BOY, WHAT YOU GOT TWO BUTT CRACKS FOR???”


All the strengths that made her a supreme video vixen, though, could not help her remember her own line from a previous episode of Freeform's “Pretty Little Liars” in a game of Glamour's “Which Liar” with “PLL” co-star Ashley Benson.

The actresses quizzed one another with lines from the show, with Mitchell taking most of the points. Unfortunately, when Benson recited, “I don't care how many beauty pageants she's won. She's an ugly person,” Mitchell guessed every character but her own.

In total fairness, “Pretty Little Liars” has been on the air for 19 billion (read: seven) seasons. That's a lot of lines to memorize for eternity.

You keep remembering what you can, ShayM. If the haters get too loud, send 'em straight to Nick's left butt crack.