Shawn Mendes is wearing something special in his new music video "It'll Be Okay."

There's A Special Nod To Camila In Shawn's New Music Video Only Stans Will Catch

This makes the song so much more emotional.

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Shawn Mendes isn’t playing games when it comes to his latest music video “It’ll Be Okay.” The 23-year-old singer dropped the emotional track on Dec. 1, 2021, only two weeks after his split from Camila Cabello. So, needless to say, fans knew the tear-jerking track was most definitely about Mendes’ very recent heartbreak. On Jan. 13, Mendes dropped the accompanying music video that showed the singer strolling through the night in his hometown of Toronto, Canada. And there’s one tiny detail that only stans will catch in Shawn Mendes’ “It’ll Be Okay” video: the matching ring he got with Camila Cabello.

The music video opens with a close-up of Mendes as the Toronto skyline blurs behind him. “Are we gonna make it?/ Is this gonna hurt?” are the opening lyrics to the song. As soon as Mendes finished the line, the camera pans to his hands where we see Mendes fidget with two rings on his left middle finger. The clip is over before you can think too much of it, but for Shamila stans, the shot of the rings is a clear nod towards Cabello.

Mendes is wearing two rings on the same finger, but there’s one that speaks to his relationship with Cabello: a blue sapphire ombré ring. Designed by Elliot Gaskin, the jewelry designer took to Instagram to confirm the ring in the video is the same one he made for Mendes and Cabello back in 2020. Fans first learned the former couple got matching sapphire rings in the fall of 2020, almost a year and a half into their romance.

Given the strong, supportive relationship Mendes and Cabello had for two and half years, fans of the couple who caught the ring in the music video were caught in their feels.

Mendes paired the blue sapphire ring with another Elliot Gaskin ring: a beveled rock band. Mendes has been seen wearing both rings together in various photoshoots, each of which has been mentioned on Gaskin’s Instagram page. The jewelry designer has also shared pics of Cabello sporting the custom ring where we can see the singer wearing it as a necklace.

The matching rings worn between the couple are not the first pair of matching jewelry they’ve been spotted with. In 2019, the couple was seen sporting matching Bond Touch bracelets that vibrate and light up when the other is touched. With busy touring schedules, it sounds like the tech bracelets were a good way for one another to know they are on their mind.

Mendes also revealed some fun details about the “It’ll Be Okay” music video in a live stream ahead of the video’s premiere. Fans asked the singer what lyric was his favorite, “My favorite line in the song is ‘I start to imagine a world where we don't collide,’” he said. “I like the word ‘collide,’ I like the image of two people not just meeting in life, but two people — boom — in life.”

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To see the ring in action make sure to check out Shawn Mendes’ new music video to “It’ll Be Okay.”