Fans are convinced Shawn Mendes' new single, "It'll Be Okay," is about his breakup with Camila Cabel...

Is Shawn's "It'll Be Okay" About Camila? The Lyrics Are Emotional AF

This is my new breakup anthem.

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On Wednesday, Dec. 1, Shawn Mendes released an emotional new single called “It’ll Be Okay.” After hearing it, fans instantly became convinced it references his split with Camila Cabello since the lyrics are all about heartbreak. Here, some examples.

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Mendes’ “It’ll Be Okay” is all about the end of a relationship, so you can’t blame fans for thinking he was inspired by his personal life. He starts the track by singing, “Are we gonna make it? Is this gonna hurt? Oh, we can try to sedate it, but that never works.”

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