There are a lot of ways to create 'Sex and the City' costumes for Halloween.

And Just Like That: DIY Sex And The City Group Halloween Costumes

Are you a Charlotte or a Samantha... or an Aidan?

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The memorable looks served on Sex and the City never go out of style, and they’re even more in vogue now that the fashion-forward series is making a comeback in the HBO Max reboot, titled And Just Like That. Sadly, one seat at the brunch table will be empty, as Kim Cattrall will not reprise her role as Samantha Jones in the Sex and the City reboot. But your friend group can still come together to rule spooky season by getting creative with these Sex and the City group Halloween costume ideas.

A lot of people choose to go scary when it comes to Halloween, but true pop culture devotees know the holiday is the perfect chance to dress up as your favorite TV or movies characters. And when it comes to playing dress-up, there’s just no beating the enviable fashions of Sex and the City. Obviously, most of us don’t have the funds to perfectly recreate Carrie Bradshaw’s fresh-off-the-runway couture lewks, but there are a ton of creative ways to track down lookalike pieces that will totally channel the show’s most iconic fashion moments. So, round up your BFFs and let these SATC group costume ideas inspire you to make this Halloween a truly unforgettable event.

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1. DIY Carrie, Miranda, & Charlotte Sex and the City Costumes


Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda all have incredibly distinct styles, which makes it super easy for you and two of your besties to pick the Manhattanite you most relate to and go all-in on their specific style story.

For Charlotte, the key is to be pretty, posh, and put-together. The preppy gallerist may not make the riskiest fashion choices, but she always manages to combine feminine style into her professional attire. A pink peplum dress that fits just right screams Charlotte.

Miranda’s fashion choices definitely evolved the most throughout Sex and the City, but her early-season looks will forever be her most iconic. The no-nonsense lawyer is all business, opting for suit jackets and forgoing bold colors. A brown linen suit jacket and skirt combo is a perfect choice to emulate Miranda, paired with a red wig and tons of legal briefs, of course.

Ever the provocative fashion daredevil, Carrie has turned countless memorable looks throughout the course of Sex and the City, but nothing will ever surpass the tutu-like tulle miniskirt she rocks in the show’s opening credits. Thankfully, it’s easy to find a cheap lookalike online, and all you have to do is pair it with a tank top to instantly serve Carrie Bradshaw.

2. DIY Samantha Sex and the City Costumes


She may not be in the reboot, but Samantha Jones will forever be one of the four fashionistas. The sex-positive PR maven loves to switch up her style between showy cocktail dresses for nights out and bold power suits for when it’s time to handle business. And who needs a reboot with the other gals? You can party solo like Samantha with your very own sparkly, silver halter dress.

Or bring out your inner businesswoman with a suit in Sam’s favorite color: bright red.

3. DIY Carrie & Aidan Sex and the City Costumes


Sex and the City is also great inspo for couples costumes, so you can let it be known who you shipped Carrie with. If you’re #TeamAidan til you die, the best route is to lean into the rustic charm that he brought into Carrie’s life. The plaid crop top that Carrie wore to Aidan’s rustic cabin retreat is a perfect option, and you can find a close lookalike on the cheap.

As for an Aidan look, it’s honestly a very low-effort costume. Aidan almost always wears basic shirts and jeans, opting for comfort rather than any big style choices. If you want to be as accurate to the upstate NY scene as you can, there’s a similar “Santiago” t-shirt available online.

4. DIY Carrie & Big Sex and the City Costumes


You may have preferred Aidan, but there’s no denying Carrie and Big are the true central couple of Sex and the City. One of the best ways to bring their love story to life is by recreating their romantic trip to Paris. Always partial to a tulle skirt, Carrie memorably strolled the City of Light in a flowy, light green maxi skirt.

As for Big, the businessman is almost never seen without a full suit on. Normally, you’d have to break the bank to get a getup like the ones Big wears, but the magic of Halloween does away with those monetary concerns. You can find costume versions of men’s suits at various Halloween stores for cheap.

These are just some of the countless iconic outfits that were featured on Sex and the City, so use this guide as a springboard to help you recreate whatever Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, or Samantha look you loved the most, and prepare to turn heads when you walk into the Halloween party.

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