Has Scott Disick Finally Grown Up?

Things are going to get HELLA real for a minute on “Kocktails with Khloé” this week.

If you didn't watch the first episode of "KWK," you should probably consider carving out a section of your schedule tonight to make room for episode two.

We can't confirm much, but based off the teaser trailer that just dropped, we can, without a doubt, say Jenna Marbles' immaculate hair will be prominently featured, Tyga will redefine the words “TV casual” and Scott Disick will have a moment that NEEDS Adele singing backup vocals.

The words Scott speaks in the preview say it all:

I'd really rather never be in a tabloid again, but if I'm gonna be at least it be about, like, 'This guy isn't what everybody thinks he is.'


The show will air on Wednesday night at 10. You only have a few more hours to buy the biggest TV you can afford for this MONSTER event.

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