The 'Schitt's Creek' cast presenting at the 2021 Emmy Awards.

The Schitt's Creek Cast Fully Embodied The Rose Family At The Emmys

Their bit gave me so much anxiety.


The cast of Schitt’s Creek made a big splash by basically sweeping the 2020 Emmy Awards, so it was only natural they made a grand return to the Emmys stage in 2021. The Schitt’s Creek cast reunited at the 2021 Emmys to present the awards for Comedy Writing and Comedy Directing, which are both awards their series took home last year. This year, they passed the Emmys torch, but not without an anxiety-inducing bit first.

Dan Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Annie Murphy, and Eugene Levy received a standing ovation the second they stepped onto the 2021 Emmys stage, making it clear that everyone was happy to see a Rose family reunion. But, all that joy got replaced with pure awkwardness pretty fast as soon as it became clear there was nothing on the teleprompter for them to read while presenting the award for Comedy Writing. As they stumbled through the moment, the old Rose family dynamics came out and it easily could have been a scene straight out of Schitt’s Creek. That’s when Eugene Levy revealed that he had asked the Emmys writers to “lift up” his lines and make them better. It turns out the Emmy writers “retaliated” against unwanted criticism with a blank teleprompter, resulting in some Schitt’s Creek-level anxiously funny moments.

Of course it was all a bit, and the teleprompter came back to life for the Schitt’s Creek cast to present the Emmy award for Comedy Directing. Dan Levy, O’Hara, and Murphy all had lines to read, but Eugene Levy was left out thanks to his supposed beef with the Emmys writers. It had all the same energy of Johnny Rose trying (and failing) to make a joke at the mayor’s roast. Only this time, it was at the Emmy Awards in front of a live audience of millions. But, Eugene got the last laugh with the last line, since he got to open the envelope and read the winner of the Comedy Directing Emmy.

The Schitt’s Creek cast handed the Writing and Directing Emmys to the team from Hacks. Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs, and Jen Statsky won the Emmy for writing, and Aniello won the award for directing. If they come back to the Emmy Awards to present next year, we can hope their bit won’t have quite so much awkward anxiety... but just as much laughs.