Sansa Finds Out About Arya's "Profession" On 'GOT' & It's So, So Awkward

by Ani Bundel

This post contains spoilers from Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 6. After Arya's spying game last week, searching Littlefinger's room and finding Sansa's letter from Season 1, it seems that this week, Sansa is going to return tit-for-tat. She doesn't understand the sister who came back. But if Arya's going to have something to hold over her, she wants something that answers her questions about her sister, and have something to hold over her back. Instead, Sansa gets more than she bargained for when she finds Arya's face collection. And the conversation that followed this discovery has fans wondering, could Arya kill Sansa on Game of Thrones?

Fans have actually been rather curious about this. Did Arya steal faces from the Hall when she left Braavos back at the end of Season 6? That face she wore when she killed Walder Frey: was that one she took? Or was that someone she killed in the Frey's kitchens and then took her place? Are the Faceless Men okay with her taking those faces?

Exactly how does that work anyway? Does she just have this rucksack of random faces that she carries with her from place to place? What sort of magic does she do when she puts the faces on that changes the rest of her appearance? Do they look just like theater masks when you see them, or what?


Um, and whose face *is* that exactly? Is that one of the Frey sons?


Well we know who's face *that* is at any rate. But does Sansa?

It doesn't matter, since Arya explains anyway. She went to Braavos and trained to be a Faceless Man. Startlingly, Sansa apparently does not know what that is. One would think she might have heard of them, they only are the most famous assassins guild out there. But maybe Sansa didn't think to trawl on Yelp for "Assassins For Hire" during her time married to Ramsay. (I suppose she assumed her browser history was being checked.)

Either way, Arya somewhat spells it out for her. And despite the fear that Arya will take that dagger Bran gave her and take Sansa's face next for her collection, she doesn't. (Doubtlessly, Bran would not have given to to her, had he thought she'd kill their own sister with it.


Instead, she hands the dagger to Sansa and practically skips out of the room. It's a bizarre scene, one that leaves Sansa utterly unnerved, which one assumes was the point. But what does it mean for Arya and Sansa now? Will Sansa reveal what her sister has become to get her out of the way?

Or will she realize was a stunning asset she has that just fell into her lap? Because seriously, let's review: Sansa is now in possession of the best swordswoman on the entire continent, a person who can see the future, and one of the most badass assassins in Westeros. How would you not decide to get on their good side and keep one amazingly powerful piece on the board that just moved into your house?