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Sam Smith Did The Funniest Thing When He Met The Royal Family (Video)

Sam Smith is honestly too adorable to function.

Be honest with yourself for a second. If you were to meet anyone from the British Royal Family, you probably wouldn't know how to act.

It's too high pressure of a situation, and unless you're Pippa Middleton (if you're reading this, Pippa, I'm a big fan! Follow me on Twitter: @Eitanthegoalie), you probably don't know the correct royal protocol to greet the family's holiness.

According to a story Smith told on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," English songwriter and human Zoloft commercial Sam Smith is no different from you.

He, too, has no idea what you're supposed to do with your hands and stuff at a royal meet-and-greet.

Do you bow? Is that the right thing to do? He bowed.