Sabrina Kern

This Swiss Millennial Is Making Her Hollywood Dream A Reality

Elite Daily chatted with actress Sabrina Kern about being a Swiss millennial who is following her dreams and breaking into Hollywood.

Sabrina provides insight on the audition process, the work she enjoys most, and why millennials should never give up when it comes to their passion.

Elite Daily: Sabrina, you just booked a part in a horror feature film with director Nick Vallelonga. But the actual part didn't even exist before you auditioned for it? How did that happened?

Sabrina: Yes, I actually auditioned for a completely different part but it turned out I wasn't right for it. But they liked my audition, so they called me back in for a producers meeting where they suddenly asked me to sing. They must have seen my musical theater background on my resume.

I had just gotten off the phone with my mother back home, so the only song that came to my mind was a Swiss Song called “Giggerig” (which essentially means horny). So I just got up and sang that.

They loved it so much they wrote a new part into the movie for a Swiss girl who gets, well...murdered.

Sabrina Kern

You played Frenchy in "Grease," Dorothy in "The Wizard of OZ," have booked numerous commercials, and now you are going to be in a horror film as well as the lead in the forthcoming indie, “The Color of Truth is Grey." What kind of work do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy all of it! Each part is a new challenge for me and I have yet to book a part that I didn't like portraying.

My dream however is to be in sitcoms. Something like a newer version of Friends would be ideal. The musical sitcom version of Friends maybe?

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Being in Hollywood I'm sure you face a lot of challenges and rejection, but you seem to keep going strong through all of it. Any suggestions for fellow Millennials out there trying to make it?

I always say, “don't keep the eye on the prize, let every day be the prize." It sounds super corny, but it helps.

Some days you might feel like you didn't accomplish a lot, but in reality if you work hard on your craft, you can take baby steps every single day.

It's all about enjoying those small moments and victories and not ever comparing yourself to others. They have their own journey. Be happy for them but don't try to be them. And, of course: DON'T BE LAZY!