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Sabrina Carpenter's new single "Fast Times" was released on Feb. 18.

Sabrina Carpenter Channels Charlie's Angels In “Fast Times” Music Video

The pop star is in her '00s action movie era.

Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images/Getty Images

Sabrina Carpenter’s music video for her new single “Fast Times” is like a mini-action movie, and the star is taking on the intense role of a secret agent on the run. The video begins with Carpenter riding a motorcycle through city streets as she’s chased by a helicopter. She manages to escape with a mysterious briefcase in hand only to go undercover, and this all occurs only 17 seconds into the video.

“Fast Times” dropped on Feb. 18 along with its thrilling music video. It arrives six months after Carpenter released “Skinny Dipping” on Sept. 9. However, unlike her introspective previous single about moving on from a past relationship, “Fast Times” is a fun and sultry pop song about living life in the fast lane.

Sometimes that includes changing up your whole look. Carpenter is unrecognizable in a brunette wig, black trench coat, and pair of black sunglasses. It’s the latest look in ultra-popular Matrix fashion trend. At one point, Carpenter is attacked by henchman, but she shows off her Charlie’s Angels moves and successfully takes them down.

And this all occurs in the middle of the night. “Sun's up too soon like daylight savings / Mixed emotions are congregating,” Carpenter croons at the start of the track, which is backed by a groovy piano melody. “Picturing us in all these places/ Ahead of myself's an understatement.”

In a Feb. 18 interview with Rolling Stone, Carpenter said she co-wrote the song while hanging out with her famous friends Julia Michaels, J.P. Saxe, and John Ryan while in New York. “We weren’t taking ourselves too seriously making it, which really reflects the energy of the song,” the 22-year-old singer told RS. “[It’s] really about the feeling when you’re letting life steer the wheel and you think ‘Let me enjoy this now and I’ll process the emotional repercussions of this later.'”

Of course, the music video, which was directed by Amber Park, draws instant comparisons to Charlie’s Angles and even Britney Spears’ “Toxic” music video. This homage appears somewhat intentional. “There’s some Charlies Angels vibes, Kill Bill, Quentin Tarantino vibes,” Carpenter told RS. “Turning fast times and fast nights into something more literal!”

According to People, “Fast Times” will be featured on the singer’s upcoming fifth album. It will also be her first with Island Records. Carpenter has yet to announce a release date for her project, though she recently told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that she hid the album name in recent “work.”

Much like the brief case in the “Fast Times” music video, it seems the status of her forthcoming album is one secret Carpenter is still keeping largely to her self.