Ryan Reynolds Dressed As Deadpool Tries To Form Team Of Kid Superheroes (Video)

On Halloween, Ryan Reynolds gave a few unsuspecting kids sitting on a swing set one glorious R-rated preview of "Deadpool."

It's no secret FOX is a few months away from shoving a TNT-laced gun barrel full of Merc with a Mouth into theaters worldwide, with Ryan Reynolds starring as Deadpool.

So far, though, we've only been given small previews as to what the movie holds in store; we got a few leaked pictures from the set here and a Comic-Con Hall H preview there, but nothing really of substance.

All of this makes Ryan Reynolds surprising a gang of pubescent X-Men sitting on a park bench while dressed as Deadpool that much better.

One kid even pokes fun at the first time FOX tried -- and UNQUESTIONINGLY FAILED -- to make "Deadpool" in movie form. He jokes,

I really wish we could sew his mouth shut again.

If this is the Wade Wilson Ryan Reynolds will be playing in the upcoming movie, which is slated for release this February, then I'm all for it.

I'm all for it soooo effing bad.