Ryan Gosling Celebrates His Birthday By Voicing His Support For Bernie Sanders


Hey, girl, if Ryan Gosling asked you to vote for Senator Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential election, would you?

On Thursday, Ry Gos broke his 100-day Twitter silence with a very simple call-to-action for his followers and fans.

The actor turned 35 today and chose to mark the occasion by sharing a video of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders hugging a Muslim student who asks what he will do to dissolve racial tensions in the country.

During a town hall meeting at George Mason University in Virginia, the female student stands up to say,

In response to her concern, Sanders says in the video,

Gosling's outward support of the presidential hopeful will surely turn heads and draw the attention of the Millennial demographic that greatly comprises his fanbase.

Of the issue of racism in the country, Sanders says,

Do you stand behind his message?

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