Natasha Lyonne's 'Russion Doll' will return for Season 2 on April 20 on Netflix.
Russian Doll Season 2 Is Coming SO Soon

The teaser just has me more confused.

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No, you're not in a time loop. Russian Doll, the dark Netflix comedy, is officially coming back. If you're looking for more thought-provoking laughs after the Season 1 cliffhanger finale, you're in luck. Here's what we know so far about Russian Doll Season 2, including its new cast, release date, trailer, and plot.

When Russian Doll Season 1 premiered in February 2019, fans were instantly enamored by its twisted humor and new take on a classic Groundhog Day theme. The eight-episode first season followed a coder named Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) who found herself stuck in a time loop. She kept mysteriously dying then waking up in the middle of her 36th birthday party to live the day all over again. The catch was, as she was working to figure out WTF was going on, she met a man named Alan (Charlie Barnett) who was also stuck in the loop.

For the rest of the season, Nadia and Alan tried to figure out why they're living and dying the same day together, and even though they never really got an answer, they did find peace. During the final episode, they both woke up in separate time loops where the other had never died. They took it upon themselves to ensure the "new" versions of the other stays alive and bonded all over again in a new way. And even though the storyline wrapped up nicely, a Season 2 is officially in the works — and with a beloved star joining the cast.

Russian Doll Season 2 Cast


Normally, a Season 2 of a series means some (if not all) of the original cast returns to set. But with Season 1 having such a clean ending, there was a chance a brand-new set of characters could take center stage. However, Netflix confirmed Lyonne and Barnett would continue to star in Season 2 with its date announcement teaser on March 7.

Heading into the season, only one new cast member has been named, and she's a true ~Hollywood star~. Back in 2021, Netflix announced Schitt's Creek actor Annie Murphy has been cast for Season 2. Whether that means it's her turn to be stuck in a time loop or something else, fans will have to wait and see. Regardless, she's sure to add an exciting new element to the story.

Russian Doll Season 2 Release Date

Netflix confirmed Season 2 will suck fans back into the chaos when it premieres on April 20. The release date announcement video also provided a first look at the new season, showing Nadia traveling through time yet again.

Russian Doll Season 2 Trailer

So far, the only footage Netflix has released of Season 2 is the premiere date announcement teaser, which didn’t show too much. But since the April 20 premiere is fast approaching, fans can expect a full trailer very soon.

Russian Doll Season 2 Plot

Along with announcing the premiere date on March 7, Netflix also released some juicy details about the upcoming season. The description reveals Season 2 is set four years after the events of Season 1, and will center on Nadia and Alan discovering a time portal:

“Set four years after Nadia and Alan escaped mortality’s time loop together, Season 2 of Russian Doll will continue to explore existential thematics through an often humorous and sci-fi lens. Discovering a fate even worse than endless death, this season finds Nadia and Alan delving deeper into their pasts through an unexpected time portal located in one of Manhattan’s most notorious locations. At first they experience this as an ever-expanding, era-spanning, intergenerational adventure, but they soon discover this extraordinary event might be more than they bargained for and, together, must search for a way out.”

Get ready for a trip like no other, because Russian Doll Season 2 will pop up on Netflix on April 20.

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