Ruby Rose And Her New Girlfriend Are The Ultimate Relationship Goals

by Katie Corvino

It was a sad day when Ruby Rose and her fiancée Phoebe Dahl called it quits six months ago. Since their split, it seems like Ruby has been off the market. Until now.

The "Orange Is The New Black" actress is currently dating entrepreneur Harley Gusman. HELL YEAHHHHH, RUBY.

Both ladies have posted several photos on Instagram showing off their new romance. I'm not gonna lie, the two make a pretty adorable couple.

Ruby also just wrote the sweetest message for her girlfriend and you have to read it.

On Thursday morning, the 30-year-old model posted this photo of Harley Gusman.

She captioned the photo,

Someone wake me up this can't be real

Stop it, that is too cute. I want someone to love me the way Ruby Rose loves Harley.

This one photo is enough to make these two the cutest couple on Instagram. But don't worry, there's more.


I am so single and alone.

Let's take a look at Harley's Instagram. It's flooded with love for Ruby. Can you say, "relationship goals"?

They are both so perfect, it hurts.

This is everything I want in a relationship and more.

Ruby Rose has recently opened up about her new relationship and what it's been like to share her heart again.

In her message, she speaks to her fans about dating in the public eye and how invested people get in relationships they know nothing about.

She also encourages everyone to date whoever they want and not let judgement or criticism hold you back from being with the person you love.

She wrote,

I feel like this is the mentality fans have on celebrity relationships.. I get it that they invest in couples and root for them and it's sweet, but that relationship is still only between two people. If the relationship ends why do people assume something happened or someone is to blame? Why do they think they know anything about the relationship to be able to make a better call than those in it? Love is a beautiful thing. Some love one person their whole life, others love many, some never find love, and sadly some get so hurt so many times they get broken and stop looking. So if a woman moves on from a relationship 8 months ( or 2 weeks ) after a breakup isn't that beautiful? That someone can still continue to open their hearts to people despite times in their lives I'm sure it's been broken.. It's not an insult to every ex they have ever had...new love never erases old love. It's a separate thing, a new entity. You can't change the people you loved just be glad you loved at all they are all lessons and memories and make up our life story. I personally respect all of the people who never get jaded, who always love with their whole hearts. Over and over and I think it's twisted that we shame women for opening their hearts or label it as a weakness when in reality it's one of the scariest things to do. Date who you want, love who you want, love is the most valuable thing in the world and nothing comes remotely close to its significance during our time on this planet. So next time you want to tell me who I should be with or who anyone should be with... Maybe just use that energy to find your love. Because trust me.. We are adults and we know how to follow our hearts.

Well said, Ruby. Well said.

I wish Ruby and Harley all the best. I hope they continue to add adorable pics on Instagram because I need to live through their relationship since, you know, I don't have one.