REUTERS / Adrees Latif

'Room' Star Jacob Tremblay's Adorable New Puppy Will Seriously Make You Melt

The pint-sized talent starring alongside Oscar winner Brie Larson in "Room," Jacob Tremblay, took to Twitter on Thursday to ask fans for a little advice.

Namely, what should he name his adorable new puppy?!

Between Jacob and that tiny red poodle, the cuteness level of this photo is simply off the charts.

He also posted a photo to his Instagram, proving this dog is instantly more famous and better connected than 99.9 percent of us will ever be.

While there aren't tons of photos of the adorable pair yet, we can all be certain this puppy could have millions of Instagram followers practically overnight -- if she felt like it, of course.

I honestly don't know if I'm more envious of that dog's cuteness or her social media power. Sigh.