'Riverdale's Veronica And Betty Tease Feud In Season 2: "You See These Girls Divided"

by Tina Kolokathis
Warner Bros.

As the first season of Riverdale came to a close on CW, fans had so many questions to be answered in the next season. Who shot Archie's dad? Is Cheryl OK?

Another question fans are wondering is whether Veronica and Betty's friendship will stay strong in Season 2, or if Veronica's relationship with Archie will threaten it.

Stars Camila Mendes (Veronica) and Lili Reinhart (Betty) met with press during the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con and addressed this question of conflict. As it turns out, there will be a riff in Season 2 between the two characters. It may not even be Archie who's the culprit, though. Mendes said,

Episode 5 has some conflict. It's not the type of conflict you would expect, considering what the comics are about, but it is a conflict. Betty has a secret and can't share it with Veronica. It causes a divide.

Reinhart continued, saying,

We were saying, like, when you see these girls divided and -- not necessarily fighting, but when they're not on the same team anymore -- it really makes you realize how much you love them together and how much you love them as these two best friends.

Mendes chimed in, “As an entity.”

Warner Bros.

As we know, the season will also be 22 episodes, a big jump from the first season's 13. Riverdale Season 2 will also be much darker and more of a thriller, which we've heard previously from Jughead himself, Cole Sprouse. Reinhart said,

We ran with that genre this season. We picked up the pace even more and, I feel like ... it's just a rush from start to finish, each episode.

Mendes continued,

Every character is getting a really rich storyline to pursue and we're very grateful. I've always felt like that's, like, the core of our show is that thriller, upbeat, pushing forward vibe.

Season 2 of Riverdale airs on the CW on October 11.